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smehra Sunday February 1, 2015



Regular podcasts are over but the study circle is still active. It may be a while until you get added to the group.


With the Court Systems failing all over the world the topic of Jurisprudence has become important. While people can always talk about reform, this widespread nature of the problem indicates to something being structurally wrong with our justice systems. Have you wondered:

  • Why the number of pending cases keep rising?
  • Why the fast track courts fail to reach their goals?
  • Why the state cant figure out which court cases take precedence over others?
  • Why is it that the justice system appears to do injustice?

Justice Systems all over the world have lost their roots and corrupted their purpose.

Join us as we regain our roots and remember what we have forgotten: Just as consumer is central to all economic action so too is the victim central to the concept of Justice. Private Property Anarchism places the victim in seat of the consumer and makes him central to the process.

We will begin our journey by reading excerpts from various published articles on the topic, most of which are present in "Anarchy and the Law" by Dr Stringham (reading material will be provided, buying the book is not compulsory). Those serious about studying this topic may fill the form below and join our "Free Market in Law" study circle. The aim of the study circle will be to promote studies in Jurisprudence.

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